Passionate Soul -
Spiritual Sexuality
"All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals"
Imagine a world where our sexuality was seen as a gift.  Where we lived in a sex positive culture, where pleasure was accepted and treated as a normal part of our everyday exsistence, where it did not matter what your sexual preference was.Wouldn't that be wonderful.
To start on this wonderful journey we need to reconnect with our bodies in a conscious way.  Through breathe, awareness and conscious safe touch this can be explored. 
I want to be living in a culture where sex is sacred and not a sin!  Honoring the divine feminine means that our sexuality is a life affirming expression of the life force that flows within each of us.  In the cultures that honoured the divine feminine, sexuality and spirituality were never seen as separate and only became split during the patriarchal era.  Sexual pleasure is a wonderful way to honour the Goddess, connect with spirit, honour Gaia or mother earth, as well as to connect deeply with others.
For many years I have followed a pagan path, I am worshipper of the Goddess  and have worked with the divine feminine energy that is within me (as it is within all woman). Now as I enter the crone stage of my life I find I am being called to share my gifts and knowledge with others.  Whether it is helping others get started on a wonderful journey into the world of kink, helping woman discover their inner Goddess, guiding others into the depths of sacred sexual intimacy and spirituality or just holding space for men and women to come back into themselves I am happy and willling to do this in service to the Goddess.
I believe our sexuality comes in many ways, shapes and forms.  Through connecting to the divine, whatever the divine is for you - God, the Goddess, your higher power, spirit etc - through full bodied ecstacy solo or with a partner (or multiple partners) we honour our creator and connect so deeply to our inner most core, to our soul that we can create anything we desire. 
There are many ways to achieve this
Through the soft gentle kiss of a lover, making love with someone you trust to take you there.
Through many spiritual practices, Tantra etc
Through the darker arts of Kink and BDSM
Through Ritual and meditation
As long as it is SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL and between consenting adults you are only limited by your imagination.
So where do I come in?  As your guide and mentor to help you on this path.
Having been approached last year by a group of woman who asked me to run a beginners BDSM/Kink workshop for them I have developed a short 2 evening workshop that I am running on a regular basis.  So if your curious, in Christchurch and interested in coming along or finding out more please just head to the contact page and send me a message
Would you like to explore this further?  Then send me a message and lets talk
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